Weather Insurance

Weather Insurance for Tennis and Golf Events

This web site, is an affiliate of Tickets of America. Weather Insurance (optional) is provided by Tickets of America for The Sony Ericsson Open. For an additional fee, you can add Weather Insurance to your tennis ticket purchase. If the entire event for which you purchased tickets is canceled due to Acts of Nature, for the day you have purchased tickets, a full refund (less the shipping and handling) will be issued if you have Weather Insurance. Weather Insurance is the only way to guarantee your money back if a cancellation occurs.

What is the Cost of Weather Insurance?

The cost for Weather Insurance is only an additional 15% of the total ticket purchase (less the shipping charges).

Place Your Order Today By Telephone

Weather Insurance can only be purchased over the phone by calling (888) 383-1515. If you have completed an online order and would like to add Weather Insurance, please call to complete the order process. Weather Insurance will only be available for existing orders up to ten days prior to the first day of the event. When calling to add Weather Insurance, please have your existing order number.

What Coverage Does Weather Insurance Provide?

Any day where an act of nature (rain, hurricane, earthquake, flood, etc.) is responsible for the cancellation of the days complete schedule to which tickets were purchased will be covered. A refund of the cost of the ticket(s), minus the shipping and handling charges, will be issued. Once a refund is issued, tickets can be purchased for another session.

What Does Weather Insurance Not Cover?

Should at least one game within a set be completed before the rest of the day is canceled, the insurance becomes null and void.

Weather Insurance is in addition to the purchase of tickets and is strictly voluntary. However, with the purchase of Weather Insurance, the client is guaranteed a refund (subject to certain limitations), should an act of nature cancel the event.

By refusing Weather Insurance, the client agrees that Tickets of America will not be held responsible, should a cancellation occur. The client further agrees to accept the loss of the tickets by signing a waiver stating their refusal of the optional Weather Insurance.